ISCAT Paris – October 12-14, 2022

After these difficult times that forced us to virtual congresses including e-ISCAT 2020 and the ISCAT webinars organized in 2021, we are pleased to welcome you this year for a face-to-face, interactive and warm congress.
There is no need to remind you of the ever-increasing success of this biannual event.

We will discuss the ablation of atrial fibrillation and the ablation of ventricular rhythm disorders with more airy sessions, leaving more room for discussion and embellished with videos. These two and a half days will, as usual, be an opportunity to listen to and meet international leaders in this field of expertise.
The interpretation sessions of on-board electrogram tracings and endocavitary explorations in the context of ablation will, as always, be led by RETAC, our well-known expert.

Finally, of course, we continue the now classic sessions reserved for electrophysiologists in training and laboratory technicians.

Also associated with ISCAT, the Working Group of Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology of the French Society of Cardiology will host educational sessions on Fridays centered on interventional rhythmology.

We are very happy to welcome you again or perhaps for the first time in Paris. The Organizing Committee.

Dr. Jos茅 脕ngel Cabrera will participate in the symposium with the talk Septo-pulmonary bundle and coronary sinus musculature: Anatomist consideration on epicardial left atrial layers.

Programme available here.